Organizational structure of KOGIC


The current center director of KOGIC is professor Semin Lee.

As a genome center, KOGIC accomodates several labs at UNIST: 

  1. Genome Lab led by Jong Bhak
  2. Computational Biology Lab led by Semin Lee
  3. Genome Engineering Lab led by Seungwoo Cho


Components of KOGIC
Administrative Bioinformatic Clinical Developmental Experimental
  • Administration
  • Research support
  • Fund and Financial management   
  • Bioinformatician
  • Biological research
  • Computer programming  
  • Bioethics and Safety
  • Clinical information management   
  • Participant management
  • Server management
  • Web 
  • Participant management IT resource  
  • Sequencing
  • Sample management  
  • Experimental study