Organizational structure of KOGIC


KOGIC's organizational structure

KOGIC has a center director. Currently Prof. Semin Lee.

KOGIC as a genome center accommodates several labs in UNIST. 
They are

  1. Genome Lab led by Jong Bhak
  2. Computational Biology lab by Semin Lee
  3. Genome Engineering lab by Seungwoo Cho.

KOGIC components
Administrative Bioinformatic Clinical Developmental Experimental
  • Administration
  • Research support
  • Fund and Financial management   
  • Bioinformatician
  • Biological research
  • Computer programming  
  • Bioethics and Safety
  • Clinical information management   
  • Participant management
  • Server management
  • Web 
  • Participant management IT resource  
  • Sequencing
  • Sample management  
  • Experimental study

KOGIC Projects