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KOGIC, based at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in Ulsan city, is a genome center established in 2017. It was previously known as The Genomic Institute of UNIST (TGI). At KOGIC, we perform genomic analyses using bioinformatics via big computers. Our center is composed of professors, postdoctoral researchers, and students of various levels who are interested in genomics and bioinformatics research. The members of KOGIC are known as KOGICians, and are engaged in both experimental and informational fields. In the future, KOGIC plans to build a national genome technology center, as Korea does not have a core national genome center yet. We also aim to be independent from, although associated with, UNIST.

Currently, our main focus is the Korean Genome Project carried out as a joint program with the Genome Research Foundation of Korea. Other notable achievements include constructing the Korean reference genome (KOREF), and the Korean National Standard Reference Variome (KoVariome). By establishing genomic information for the Korean population through projects such as the 10,000 Genome Korea Project, KOGIC aims to provide an understanding of ethnical variations in genetics. Additionally, KOGIC aims to contribute towards various aspects of healthcare, such as developing a personalized care plan and preventing diseases and the aging process.

Learn more about current KOGIC projects here.