Yeonsu Jeon



  • 2016.3 - present : M.S and Ph.D combined course in Bio Medical Engineering, UNIST, Ulsan, Korea
  • 2012.3 - 2016.2 : B.S. in Bio Medical Science ,UNIST, Ulsan, Korea 
  • 2012.3 - 2016.2 : B.S. in Bio Medical Engineering ,UNIST, Ulsan, Korea 


  • 2016.3 - present : Graduate Researcher, KOGIC , UNIST, Ulsan, Korea
  • 2015.7 - 2016.2 : Undergraduate Researcher, KOGIC, UNIST, Ulsan, Korea

Research Area

  • Bioinformatics
  • Genome Assembly Analysis
  • Comparative Genomics



2) Myotis rufoniger genome sequence and analyses: Mrufoniger’sgenomic feature and the decreasing effective population size of Myotis bats

Youngjune Bhak, Yeonsu Jeon, Sungwon Jeon, Oksung Chung, Sungwoong Jho, JeHoon Jun, Hak-Min Kim, Yongsoo Cho, Changhan Yoon, Seungwoo Lee, Jung-Hoon Kang, Jong-Deock Lim, Junghwa An, Yun Sung Cho , Doug-Young Ryu , Jong Bhak 

PLOS ONE, 2017

1) The genetics of an early Neolithic pastoralist from the Zagros, Iran

M. Gallego-Llorente, S. Connell, E. R. Jones, D. C. Merrett, Y. Jeon, A. Eriksson, V. Siska, C. Gamba, C. Meiklejohn, R. Beyer, S. Jeon, Y. S. Cho, M. Hofreiter, J. Bhak, A. Manica, and R. Pinhasic

Scientific Reports. 2016;6:31326.