English Language Requirements

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Kogicians should have the following skills in English:

1) Oral communciation skills 

Most of our members at KOGIC are native Korean speakers, however, we require applicants to have a high proficiency in English since it is used for lab meetings, discussions, and presentations. Should you apply to KOGIC, we will be communicating via e-mail using English. If you qualify for an interview after our team reviews your documents, we will be assessing your abilities to communicate in English during the interview.

2) Reading comprehension skills

Scientific papers are both written and read in English. Being skilled at the language will give you a better understanding of their contents and enable you to work with them more efficiently. Unless you are from a country whose native language is English (e.g. U.S., Canada, U.K.) we ask that you submit a report of your English score.

Any of the following is accepted: TOEIC, TOEIC S/W, TOEFL, IELTS, TEPS, G-TELP.

Furthermore, if you plan to apply to a graduate program at UNIST, refer to the following table for UNIST's admission requirements.


Division TOEIC TOEIC (Speaking & Writing) TOEFL (IBT) TOEFL (CBT) TOEFL (PBT) IELTS TEPS G-TELP (Level 2) G-TELP (Level 3)
Standard 800 270 80 213 550 5.5 640 67 89

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