Information for Applicants


Thank you for your interest in the Korean Genomics Center!

Here at KOGIC, we are always looking for individuals with an enthusiasm
towards genomics, healthcare, and bioinformatics.
We are recruiting undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc levels. Also, programmers.
If you are interested in genomics, bioinformatics, or working in wet-labs, please contact us.


At KOGIC, we are working with three main goals:

  1. Genomics/ bioinformatics analysis healthcare:  

          We are sequencing the genomic data of various species including humans.
          Genome sequencing helps us develop various bioinformatic technologies
              that contribute towards genomic/biomedical engineering research.

  1. Overcoming aging and disease (Geromics):

           We aim to develop technologies that overcome            
           aging and disease via customized healthcare plans, which utilize genomic/biomedical tools.

  1. Contributing to genomics infrastructure (Supercomputing):

         We aim to promote national health via our production of advanced genomic
         infrastructure and analyzation of genomic data, which help popularize genome-based precision medicene.

Research areas that you may participate in include, but are not limited to:

  1. General Bioinformatics for protein structure, virus, cancer, dimentia, and heart diseases.
  2. Multiomics (genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics)
  3. Phenotype prediction research (e.g. disease/physical characteristics)
  4. Wet-lab experiments (all kinds of experimental work)
  5. Genome sequencing (We have MGI-T7)
  6. Molecular biology in general.
  7. Computer science.
  8. Big data analyses and Aritificial intelligence.
  9. Evolution

As a centre for big data analysis and experimental facilities with the latest
genome sequencing/analysis equipment, we are looking for individuals with the
greatest enthusiasm in the field of bioinformatics.
To be eligible to apply for a position at KOGIC, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Have experience in bioinformatics (bio-programming and annotation)
  2. Have experience participating in wet-lab experiments
  3. Have an interest in genome analysis/ bioinformatics
  4. Have an interest in genome-related experiments
  5. Considering completing graduate school at UNIST

Furthermore, you should have the following assets:

  1. Interest in bioinformatics, genomics, and aging
  2. Passion for scientific research
  3. Spirit of the Korean Constitution (general human values on this planet)
  4. Communication skills; an enthusiasm for teamwork
  5. Respect for fellow scientists; scientific humility

Any additional information you may require for the application process is listed in the following pages. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Jong Bhak at 

  1.  English Language Requirements
  2.  Application Process
  3.  Frequently Asked Questions
  4.  Our Principles
  5.  KOGIC Projects
  6.  Other Useful Links