Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked Questions and Answers:


Q. What kind of projects will I be participating in at KOGIC?

A. That depends on your skills, interests, and the relevant scientific issues at the time of your stay.
   There is always a variety of projects going on at KOGIC - explore our website or contact our representative for more information.
   When you are applying for a research degree, you need to have some problems you are already
   interested in.


Q. Can I apply even if I'm inexperienced with computer programming? (for bioinformatics applicants)

A. Yes, you can. However, it is recommended that you begin learning the basics of it;
   explore the coding languages that you might be interested in learning.
   A proficiency in programming is a great asset to have, even in your future scientific endeavors. 
  It is likely that you will be asked to learn computer programming once you start your time at our center.

Q. I don't know biology, but I know how to program. Can I apply?

A. Yes, you can! 

Q. Which programming language should I learn first?

A. We highly recommend R, Python and Perl for starters.
   If you are highly interested in statistics and data visualization, R is a great language.
   To practice your coding skills, we recommend that you try Rosalind, a website
   where you can utilize your language to solve questions on bioinformatics.


Q. Can I do an internship at KOGIC?
A. Yes. We do have internship slots.

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