Our Principles

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KOGICian Spirit for Scientific Researchers

KOGIC is a center promoting the importance and use of science.
Science is the most important representation of the life processes occuring in the universe. 
We think Scientific methodology is the essence of life propagation.

KOGICians are recommended to be:

  1. Think critically and independently.
  2. Be curious and question everything they hear or read.
  3. Work as a team: Science is done only through collaboration via intense teamwork.
  4. Communicate, for it is the key to research - it is as important to us as the results of our work are. Accordingly, we reccomend that you acquire a proficiency in English. There are members of our lab who are non-Korean speakers, and a majority of our activities (e.g. reading papers, presenting) are done in English.
  5. Be oriented by purpose. The purpose of science is to objectively understand the universe. Its importance preceeds personal gains and interests.
  6. Have a passion for science. Science has many types of motivation. The best of all is passion. The key to becoming a good KOGICian is having a passion for life and its principles.
  7. Be driven by justice. Everyday, Kogicians should be mindful of their actions and strive to be just in their decisions.

Information for Applicants